Me, Myself and My ADHD

Since I know I have ADHD, I’ve always had a lot of questions and searched a lot for information about it. What do you think? There is (almost) no mention of ADHD at all! We, people with ADHD, do not get the attention we deserve. Why?

There are plenty of scientific websites and articles, but I was unable to find the experiences and knowledge of others. We are not weird, peculiar, crazy or quirky. We may be a bit busy, chaotic and sometimes difficult to understand, but otherwise very special 🤪. With my blog I would like to share my experiences with ADHD, what I know about ADHD and I would like to show you, together with others, that ADHDers really make the world a bit more beautiful.

Sanne de Brouwer

How to set goals when you have ADHD?

Dutch? Scroll down! Meeting our goals and our New Year’s resolutions (with ADHD) is what I was talking about last time. But after I posted my blog, I felt like I forgot something. How? A matter of being impulsive, starting to write and then not thinking. You would almost say that I have ADHD? Achieving…

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