I found it!

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Wat heb ik geleerd?

Tijd nodig hebben

Grenzen aangeven

Trots zijn op de kleine dingen

Voor jezelf zorgen

Wil je een reactie achterlaten, maar niet je naam of e-mailadres achterlaten? Geen probleem, dat kan ook, vul alleen de reactie in en klik op reactie plaatsen. Oh, en vergeet me niet te volgen!

What have I learned?

Needing time

Setting limits

Being proud of the little things

Taking care of yourself

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2 responses to “I found it!”

  1. Hi Sanne,

    I found your blog when scrolling through the internet. Fascinating how you tell your story, and I think you do a great job by sharing how AD(H)D does impact your life. I think you went through a hell of a period, but luckily you found a way to deal with this period and work on yourself. How to deal with such a negative period is for everyone different indeed. Doing the small things you enjoy and reminding yourself of your accomplishments helps for sure! As well as taking the time and acknowledging that you must work on yourself, that is a major step that most people cannot take. Personally, it touched me that you went through this period without help from the people you would have expected to be there for you. I went through the same situation. But people’s behavior is guided by (historical) events, and nothing happens without reason. If they were there for you in the past, something unfortunate happened for sure. The way you write it, those people you thought would be in your life for a very long time, cherish them, they are worth fighting for. Even if you go through a difficult period with them. I tell this as I disagree with you that you need to do everything by yourself. The people around you help you move forward when you’re not feeling well, but their help can often be found in the little things you easily overlook and realize later. However, everyone’s story is different, and everyone will heal in their own way. But you will find your way, for sure. Thanks for sharing your story, I will keep following you!


  2. […] álles. Voor mijn studie, voor mijn baan en voor de mensen om me heen. Uiteindelijk heb ik mijn motivatie naar een paar maanden weer weten te vinden. Gelukkig! Maar vervolgens kwam er na 7 jaar een eind aan mijn relatie. En dat hakte erin. Véél […]


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